" Let the Beauty of the Lord Our God be Upon Us & Establish the Work Of our Hands"....

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At the tender age of 11, While sleeping I dreamt my hand was drawing sketches,cartoon characters...I couldnt believe it was my hand. I kept wanting to identify if it were true...Then a voice spoke deep into my being & said no silly thats your hand...I was so inspired when I awoke I went to pencil & paper almost imediately...There I found a new truth...I was given a gift to share with others....Selah

" IMADONERI "means street painter

Im a Professional Chalk Artist for Hire.
For 5 years, I participated in "Art Along the Rogue " Chalk Art Fest. Also Santa Barbara Calif . Chalk Art Festival. Please call if interested 541-732-1556 Posted by Picasa

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Sandy Cathcart said...

I love this piece! Awesome!