" Let the Beauty of the Lord Our God be Upon Us & Establish the Work Of our Hands"....

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At the tender age of 11, While sleeping I dreamt my hand was drawing sketches,cartoon characters...I couldnt believe it was my hand. I kept wanting to identify if it were true...Then a voice spoke deep into my being & said no silly thats your hand...I was so inspired when I awoke I went to pencil & paper almost imediately...There I found a new truth...I was given a gift to share with others....Selah

"Fragrance of Summer"

This is my second flower oil painting" Fragrance of Summer" The first you can view earlier "Lilies for Cathy." This selection came after viewing a wide variety a lady cut from her garden & placed in a bouquet...Worth Immortilizing....For Canvas Giclee Prints Please Call 541-732-1556


TSL said...

Soooooo beautiful.

Priti said...

Beautiful work. I also like the lilies.

Marijke said...

I like the roses. I posted them on my blog. Hope you don't mind. Let me know if that is a problem.
My blog is www.fragranceforlife.blogspot.com
thanks for being so creative. I like your written word too.